Trumpists Forever
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About Trump Body Bags
This is not an endorsement or a fundraising activity on behalf of any political party or candidate. This is a satirical website about a fictional company. No one should infer that any individual would seek to profit by the current pandemic. Any similarity between this website—specifically its name, which refers to a value estimate in the card game of Bridge—and persons living or dead or organizations active or defunct is purely coincidental.

Products offered are not available. If ordered, the site's operators reserve the right to decline or to substitute a product of equal value. Kindly allow 731 days for a response.

The cost of providing a moment of fun is not zero. If you're laughing or even smiling and want to send us a small donation to defray expenses we'll be pleased. Any significant amount above our cost will be donated to local charities providing aid to persons sickened or dislocated by COVID-19, aka the Trump Disease. Will that really happen? You can take the Trump promise to the bunk.


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